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My name is Les Goss, and I’ve been a full-time real estate investor in Colorado Springs since the spring of 2004. I’d love to have you respond to one of the blogs so that others can gain from your experience, comment or question, but if you have a matter you’d like to address privately, you may email me at:

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5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Les

    Greg, last time I talked to the project director, he told me HUD had rejected their GC/Equity partner for some transgressions on another HUD build. He was about to choose from among two new ones. I’ll send you contact info offline.

  2. Greg Dickey

    Good afternoon.
    I am curious as to status of Bishop Creek Apartments planned for Surf City, NC.
    What is the hold-up? When might this project get started? Is there someone I could tlk with and maybe get some information.

    Greg Dickey

    Thank you for your help.

  3. Les

    Charles, I’ve seen a lot of opportunities to talk with equity partners in sub-groups on LinkedIn. Here are a few to check out:

    Accredited Multifamily Investors
    Alternative Financing and Fund Raising
    Apartment Investors Seeking Deals
    CREPIG – Commercial Real Estate Professionals & Investors Group
    Multi-family emerging markets
    Multifamily insiders
    National Association of Syndicators
    Private Equity Investment Group
    Raising Private Funds for Commercial Real Estate Investment
    Real Estate Professionals, Investors and Managers
    Real Estate Syndication

    Be sure you are aware of the SEC regs concerning public advertising (you can’t do it). If you get a partner (or more than one) who is dependent on you to run the deal, you’ve created a security, so be sure to know about the SEC’s Regulation D. I have a brief intro to that at

    Good luck!

  4. Charles Perry

    Dear Less,
    I have a great in-fill property in Fort Collins that has all the ground work done for 58 town homes. Talking with the City it would be easy to covert this project to apartments. Currently our vacancy rate is 2.2%. Do you know where I might look to find investors that would be interested in such an opportunity?
    Thank you
    Charles Perry

  5. dan christensen

    Have entitled 108 apartment project in Elko, Nevada. Own the land and have elevations, site plan, floor plans, proforma, professional market study and appraisal . In application with HUD(221-D4) under grandfathered underwriting. Contractor has purchased 25% ownership. Looking for investor(s) or Selling remaining ownership for $450,000 per each addt’l. 25%. Developer/owner will turn key construction. Elko market for last 2 years on fire and always under served. Waiting lists for ALL MARKET RATE APTS. No new product in the last 25 yrs. $9,000,000 projected costs except land, with over $13,000,000 in Capitalized finished value.

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