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DFW vs. Las Vegas for Apartment Investors

In response to an inquiry regarding the prospects of these two markets, I put together the following short clip. In it I pulled data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as well as subscription services comparing DFW and Las Vegas for job growth over the past decade, and projections of population growth through 2015.


Colorado Springs Weathers Recession Better Than Most

A new report from the Brookings Institution shows that the area of the country hardest-hit by the recession is the Intermountain West, which includes Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Nevada. In fact, the three most troubled metro areas in the entire country are within its confines, namely Phoenix, Las Vegas and Boise.

Colorado Springs, Colorado Pioneers Museum.
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However, the pain was not spread evenly throughout the region. Cities with a higher educated workforce, such as Colorado Springs and Denver, have rebounded pretty well and are poised to resume their upward movement as the recovery intensifies and spreads. Another protecting factor seems to be a high concentration of  health and social service industries.

Here’s the complete report from the Brookings Institution.

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