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Multifamily Property Evaluation in Colorado Springs

In this video, we walk through a financial analysis of an apartment building for sale in Colorado Springs. After a brief introduction of the property, we list the assumptions we’ll be making about the possible purchase. These include the proposed LTV of the loan, the amount estimated for reserves and closing costs, the projected annual increases in income and expenses, and the expected vacancy rate.

Next we look very briefly at the spreadsheets that crunch the numbers for us, focusing more on their purpose than their details. Lastly we compare the bottom-line results when we project purchasing the property for two different prices.

If you want to view this in full screen, click the icon in the lower right corner that has four arrows.

Colorado Springs Multifamily Gap Analysis

In this short video we will walk through a gap analysis for the multifamily market in Colorado Springs. A gap analysis shows us the gap between the supply and the demand for multifamly properties. Using data from the latest census, we show the trend for household growth in the city through 2015. We factor in the total number of rental units available, as well as the current vacancy. Lastly we add any known projects in the pipeline for the next three years.

To see a full screen version of the video, click the icon with four arrows next to the YouTube button. That will make it easier to read some of the numbers.

You may also download copies of the original documents so you can see them more clearly:

Colorado Springs Housing Profile

Colorado Springs Gap Analysis Assumptions

Colorado Springs Gap Analysis